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Noel's journey into the world of health and fitness began in his early twenties when he decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer. Eager to help others achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives, he dedicated himself to learning about exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. With a natural knack for motivating and inspiring others, he quickly gained a reputation for his effective training techniques and personalized approach to fitness.


As Noel continued his work as a personal trainer, he developed a deep passion for health and wellness. He saw firsthand the positive impact that a healthy lifestyle had on his clients' lives and became even more determined to explore various avenues within the health and beauty industry.

Seeking to broaden his skillset, Noel decided to attend the Hotel & Motel Food Management School, where he honed his expertise in the culinary arts and learned about creating nourishing and delicious meals. The culinary training not only complemented his background in fitness but also opened up new possibilities for him in the health and wellness domain.

During this time, Noel stumbled upon a fascination with skincare and the benefits of using natural ingredients. Intrigued by the idea of creating products that promote both internal and external well-being, he started experimenting with making moisturizers for his personal use. Using his knowledge of nutrition and health, he crafted moisturizers with carefully selected ingredients known for their skin-enhancing properties.


Unbeknownst to him, these homemade moisturizers turned out to be of exceptional quality. Friends and acquaintances who tried them noticed significant improvements in their skin's texture and appearance. Encouraged by their feedback, Noel began considering the possibility of turning his homemade moisturizers into a product line that could benefit a wider audience.


With his personal training background, culinary expertise, and newfound passion for skincare, Noel embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey. He devoted himself to perfecting his moisturizer formula and creating a brand that resonated with health-conscious individuals seeking natural and effective skincare solutions.

As word of mouth spread, Noel's skincare products gained popularity, and demand increased rapidly. His dedication to using only the finest ingredients and commitment to promoting overall well-being through skincare resonated with customers. Before he knew it, Noel Cooper's line of moisturizers had grown into a successful business venture, earning him accolades within the health and beauty industry.

Noel's story serves as a testament to the power of following one's passions and the impact that a well-rounded approach to health and wellness can have on both individuals and the community. From starting out as a personal trainer in his twenties to discovering his flair for skincare entrepreneurship, Noel's journey exemplifies the rewards of blending expertise and passion in pursuit of a fulfilling and purposeful career.



Founder & CEO

Ashley Jones

Independent Account Rep

Ashley's role is very important to the company. Ashley is responsible for creating new accounts and maintaining great connections with local retail businesses and customers.


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Photo of Lori an independent Sales Rep.


Independent Sales Rep

Lori is an entrepreneur &

she likes to meet new people.


Lisa Rose

Product Manager

Lisa role is to supervise & manage the quality of products produced. 


Photo of Lisa Rose an independent Product Manager.
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