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How to look more attractive. How to reduce wrinkles.Anti Aging Collagen Boost. Organic Face Mask.

Anti Aging Collagen Boost. Organic Face Mask. How to look more attractive. How to reduce wrinkles.

This face mask is anti aging, anti inflammatory, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines, stimulate collagen, repair skin tissues and make new cells.

So let's get started WITH key ingredients you will need.

1 tbsp of Organic whole grain oat flour - Oats powder contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamins & minerals which help to moisturize, lighten skin and enhance elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2 tbsp of Organic flaxseed - Flax Seeds powder is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and these elements stimulate collagen in skin & reduce the effects of aging.

1/2 tsp Lemon - The most important ingredient in lemon is vitamin C. Vitamin C is paramount to collagen production. Without collagen our skin begins to lose elasticity and sag.

1 Egg white - Egg white contains albumin which is one of the strongest proteins that repair skin tissues, reduces wrinkles, and makes new cells. If you have dry skin use the whole egg.

2 tbsp Olive oil - Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants so it is one of the most powerful products of nature.

Products I used. Changed Skin may receive commison on qualified puchases.

Anthony's Organic Whole Grain Oat Flour, 4 lb., Gluten Free, Non GMO, Non Irradiated, Finely Ground, Vegan

Anthony's Organic Flaxseed Meal, 2.5 lb., Gluten Free, Ground Ultra Fine Powder, Cold Milled, Keto Friendly

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